Talks and Presentations

A short list of recent talks or presentations given by me which were either impactful or a great learning experience for me.

CMU Master’s Thesis Talk

June 24, 2020

Talk, Robotics Institute, CMU, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2017_brl Presented my final thesis talk as part of the Master of Science in Robotics program at CMU. The presentation outlines 18 months of research in a fast and accurate perception method that can be used for complex robotic tasks such as manipulation through a combination of search, computer graphics and deep learning.

Links : Presentation /Thesis /Talk Video

McGinnis Venture Competition Finals

March 26, 2019

Competition, Tepper School of Business, CMU, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2017_brl Presented an investor pitch as the Co-Founder of 1SpecialPlace at the finals (3rd round) of McGinnis Venture Competition 2019 at CMU. The pitch was prepared after 3 months of iterations and feedback from investors by a team of 3 people that including 2 Co-Founders and a UI/UX designer. We were among the 8 shortlisted finalists out of more than 20 who had applied in the 1st round.

Links : Presentation /Business Plan /Video

Virdian-ESpark Pitch Contest

August 06, 2018

Elevator Pitch, Virdian-ESpark, Delhi, India

2017_brl Presented a 3-minute elevator pitch as Co-Founder of 1SpecialPlace along with Founder, Pratiksha Gupta. The pitch was prepared after 4 months of participation in the Viridian-ESpark accelerator program and received the 1st prize among participating startups. The journey with the accelerator gave me an organized way of thinking about marketing, sales, hiring, finances and product development. It helped us bring 1SpecialPlace's scattered products and services, under a common vision.

Impact of Using IJTAG for Complex Chip Designs

December 10, 2016

Talk, Mentor Graphics, Bangalore, India

2017_brl Presented a talk on methodology and impact of incorporating IEEE 1687 (IJTAG) standard in complex Qualcomm chip designs to reduce the chip design time through automation of a laborious manual process. Was invited by Mentor Graphics to present at the Mentor Graphics User2User Conference 2016.

Aerial Robotics Kharagpur

December 06, 2014

Proposal, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, India

2017_brl Presented an aerial robotics student project proposal to SRIC, IIT Kharagpur and secured faculty support and funding of INR 12.5 Lakhs for starting IIT Kharagpur’s first aerial robotics student project to develop fully autonomous quadcopters capable of carrying out a given task while interacting with robots on the ground. The funds were granted after several round of proposal iterations over 5 months and led to the beginning of ARK. ARK has gone on since then to obtain government funded research projects (total funding of over 280K INR) and participate (IARC 2016, IARC 2018) and win international competitions (IMAV 2019)
Media : Indian Express